Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen will likely be the heart of your home. It’s where we prepare meals for our family, socialise with friends and start each day. It’s important that your new kitchen is well planned so it can be installed on time, on design and on budget.

When designing your new kitchen, there are 2 major traps that so many people fall into that you should avoid.


1. Design over functionality

This is the biggest one we see. You have an idea on how your kitchen should be laid out, but in a lot of cases we find that drawers would be banging into cupboards and dishwashers cannot be fully opened. Our experienced team will help you avoid these disasters by guiding you through a design process. We will help you find the perfect balance between design and functionality. 


2. Materials

There are so many ways to achieve the same look with different materials. In many cases, you will be able to use alternative materials that are more durable, require less maintenance and provide the same aesthetic that you’re looking for.


The best part about working with us, is that we do it all. We can take care of the design and construction of your new kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

When you experience the final product, you’ll be glad that it was Gregory Built.

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